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Do's & Don'ts of Interviewing Veterans

reading time 4 min

  • Proper interviewing techniques can help you better understand a veteran’s full potential.
  • Get veterans talking. Make them comfortable. Set an easygoing tone.
  • Check out our sample questions designed to help get you started.

Meeting Veterans’ Expectations

reading time 4 min

  • Veterans need to know your company really is military-friendly.
  • Make expectations clear with an Employee Value Proposition.
  • Know your audience—write job descriptions with veterans and spouses in mind.

Ease the Transition Into Civilian Life

reading time 2 min

  • Common sense and thoughtfulness go a long way toward welcoming veterans.
  • Make things clear with open dialogues, structure and scheduled discussions.
  • Employer webinars can give you additional insights.

Make a Pledge to Hire Veterans

reading time 1 min

  • Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Capital One’s mission to hire 500,000 heroes.
  • Fill out a short pledge form, receive your Web sticker and display your support.
  • It’s not just the right thing to do—it’s the smart thing.

Relocation Support Helps Veterans Thrive

reading time 2 min

  • Relocation can be tough on veterans, so helping them with the details can make a big difference.
  • Veterans believe in family and are looking for meaningful connections in their new life.
  • Veterans come out of the service in great shape; provide ways for them to stay fit.

Hiring Our Heroes Resources

reading time 5 min

  • HOH has hosted over 750 hiring fairs—you can register for the next one for free.
  • Learn to speak military and more at a free HOH webinar for employers.
  • The Personal Branding Resume Engine is a military skills translating machine.

Use Social Networking Effectively

reading time 5 min

  • Veterans and spouses have their own social network, and civilian employers are welcomed.
  • Find qualified veteran candidates through LinkedIn.
  • Connect in a more personal way with Facebook and Twitter.

Recruiting Military Spouses

reading time 3 min

  • Their skills may have been learned in unconventional ways, but they are no less effective.
  • Meet military spouses through networking events and tap into an important resource.
  • Learn how Military Spouse Employment Partnership's 200-plus members have hired more than 50,000 military spouses.

Government Tools That Help You Find Talent

reading time 10 min

  • Job banks, resource directories, job centers and one-stop career advice are readily available.
  • Some government programs combine hiring resources with on-the-job training.
  • There are resources available to help you provide opportunity for our wounded heroes.

Hiring Fairs, Job Boards & Other Resources

reading time 8 min

  • You can participate in hiring fairs hosted by military-specific recruitment firms.
  • Look beyond the Monster-sized job boards for those tailored to the needs of veterans.
  • Industry-specific training programs help you focus your veteran recruitment efforts.