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What do we need to know about employees in the Guard & Reserve?


What You Think About Veterans May Be Wrong

reading time 8 min

  • The vast majority of veterans have no health issues—and that includes post-traumatic stress.
  • Most Guard and Reserve activity is scheduled and predictable.
  • Don’t underestimate military spouses—they’re experienced and educated.

Learn to Speak “Military”

reading time 6 min

  • Military branches: what they’re called and what their ranks mean.
  • Get familiar with the acronyms you’ll see on veterans’ resumes.
  • Of the 2.2 million men and women serving, about 830,000 are in the Guard and Reserve.

Understanding & Supporting Military Duties

reading time 5 min

  • Get to know your employees’ military commanders. And get comfortable calling them.
  • Make your support a company-wide policy. Put it in writing.
  • Beyond letter writing, there are more ways to support deployed employees and their families.

Prepare for Veteran Employees’ Service Commitments

reading time 2 min

  • Cross-training can reduce the impact of deployment and make your workforce stronger.
  • Good planning will let your veteran employees know that someone has their backs.