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What can we do to accommodate the needs of wounded veterans?


Accommodating Veterans With Disabilities

reading time 3 min

  • When veterans reveal a physical or mental disability, employers must accommodate them.
  • There are ways to avoid unintentional discrimination against a disabled worker.
  • The Department of Labor’s Heroes at Work program and other resources keep you informed.

Information Resources & Support Groups

reading time 5 min

  • Find comprehensive veteran hiring guides from the Department of Labor, U.S. Chamber and other groups.
  • You’re not alone. Use social networking to post jobs, share info and learn from others.

Government Tools That Help You Find Talent

reading time 10 min

  • Job banks, resource directories, job centers and one-stop career advice are readily available.
  • Some government programs combine hiring resources with on-the-job training.
  • There are resources available to help you provide opportunity for our wounded heroes.