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Understanding & Supporting Military Duties

reading time 5 min

  • Get to know your employees’ military commanders. And get comfortable calling them.
  • Make your support a company-wide policy. Put it in writing.
  • Beyond letter writing, there are more ways to support deployed employees and their families.

Maintain a Flexible & Supportive Workplace

reading time 3 min

  • Flex time, flex place and flex careers are important for military employees and spouses.
  • Know the laws that are designed to provide protections for your deployed employees.
  • Consider options like gap pay to help veterans minimize the impact of a deployment.

Create a Peer Support Network

reading time 3 min

  • Make the transition easier by creating a mentoring program for veterans.
  • Employee resource groups provide organized professional and social support.
  • Military Spouse Employment Partnership programs are key to the White House Joining Forces campaign.

Accommodating Veterans With Disabilities

reading time 3 min

  • When veterans reveal a physical or mental disability, employers must accommodate them.
  • There are ways to avoid unintentional discrimination against a disabled worker.
  • The Department of Labor’s Heroes at Work program and other resources keep you informed.

Create a Sense of Pride & Community

reading time 2 min

  • Create a sense of belonging—let veterans know you’re “in the trenches” with them.
  • Building relationships is the first step to building a supportive corporate culture.
  • Reach out to community organizations to further support your veteran employees.

Recognize Veterans’ Service & Good Work

reading time 2 min

  • Awards are a big deal in the military—and they could be for your company as well.
  • There are ways to show appreciation without shining a spotlight on humble veterans.

Education Grants, Loans & GI Bill Benefits

reading time 7 min

  • Grants are available to veterans for college—money that doesn’t have to be paid back.
  • Many education loans made to veterans can be deferred while they are on active duty.
  • Through the G.I. Bill, veterans are reimbursed for up to 100 percent of college tuition.

Information Resources & Support Groups

reading time 5 min

  • Find comprehensive veteran hiring guides from the Department of Labor, U.S. Chamber and other groups.
  • You’re not alone. Use social networking to post jobs, share info and learn from others.

Prepare for Veteran Employees’ Service Commitments

reading time 2 min

  • Cross-training can reduce the impact of deployment and make your workforce stronger.
  • Good planning will let your veteran employees know that someone has their backs.

Identify & Track Your Veteran Employees

reading time 1 min

  • Identify all your employees with military ties. Start by requesting self-reporting.
  • Designate someone at your company to track military employees’ progress.